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Netball Match at the BRIC 3rd October 2019


Our year 6 teacher (Mrs Smallshaw) who runs the netball team had picked the team and for this match had picked : Grace (the captain) along with Hannah, Isabella, Emily, Olivia, Matthew and Oliver.

In our first match we were playing Lower Darwen as the away team. Grace was playing Centre,Hannah was playing Goal Attack, Matthew was Goal Shooter, Emily was Goal Defence and Oliver was Goal Keeper. Olivia and Bella were the Time Keeper and Scorer. Hannah and Matthew were flying! In the first half of the match they managed to score 9 goals so we were winning 9-0! In the second half we swapped the sides we shot at and the players positions . Grace was Goal Shooter, Hannah was Goal Defence, Bella was Goal Attack, Oliver was Scorer, Matthew was Goal Keeper, Olivia was Centre and Emily was Time Keeper.  Athough we did pretty well and scored 4 goals, the net was 2 feet too high!!! We were halfway through the game so there was no time to change it.  We still won 13-0!

In our second match we were faced with Long Shaw, who were admittedly harder to beat, but with Emily as Centre,Oliver as Goal Attack, Hannah as Scorer, Matthew as Time Keeper, Olivia as Goal Shooter, Grace as Goal Keeper and Bella as Goal Defence.  We managed to score 2 goals in the first round but Long Shaw were also at 2 goals so everything was to play for ... In the second half, Emily was Goal Shooter, Bella was Time Keeper, Hannah was Centre , Olivia  was Goal Keeper , Grace was Scorer, Matthew was Goal Attack and Oliver Goal Defence. Although everyone was tired, we kept going and beat Long Shaw 5-3! All in all, the netball team were amazing and were the overall winners! smiley 

Our next league match is on Thursday 7th November  

Report by Teya Year 6   

Kat Wolfe Investigates

Having a feeling in her bones led Kat Wolfe to have a suspicion about one of her clients. All the way through the book, you're clinging onto the edge of a cliffhanger. Tension and mystery seeking within the detective case, it becomes amazingly dramatic. 'Wow! I definitely  didn't expect that!' you will think after the thrill of this book. Some will read everything in a day; others will read it bit by bit and feel the temptation to read further into the book. This book leaves questions like: How could they do this? What is this doing here? Who would do such a thing? Making friends, solving family problems is what this book is partially about... She turns up to an idyllic village with no threats but underneath the safe surface of Bluebell Bay lies some dark and dangerous stories, crimes and secrets... I personally recommend this detective-thriller book for 9-13 year old's. Lauren St John is an amazing author and so is this book, so if you enjoyed it there is an other book called Kat Wolfe Takes Case too.

By Grace Eccleston

Ninja Warriors !

Two contestants from Ninja Warrior came to work with us all in PE.  One was the last man standing winner of the Ninja Warrior competition.  During assembly they shared an obstacle course and two of our pupils had a go - they loved it. After assembly Saturn class were first to try out the coure they had created. The obstacle course that was bigger and better than the one they used in assembly. The course consisted of jumping from one platform to another using two pieces of rope hung from the ceiling.  Then we had to crawl through a tunnel. Next there was a rope that you had to walk across; after that you had to swing from one rope to another like a monkey, followed by balancing on several benches. Afterwards we had to jump/walk across bouncy semi-spheres and balance pods.  Finally we climbed across a metal climbing frame that also consisted of ropes and ladders. Everyone found it so much fun! People over came their fears and loved this sporty experience. To conclude the course, everyone had a go,  even the teacher (that part was quite funny) and received a certificate. It was awesome!

Olivia and Matthew

School Sports Ambassadors 

The Battle of the Blighty Bling

By Ruth Quayle    illustrated by Eric Heyman

This story is very interesting and it makes you want to read more and more.  It is suitable for KS2 and over because it has some tricky words to pronounce and it has some hard paragraphs to read. If you like pirate stories, I recommend you read this book.

This book is about a family that are full of mischief and bad habits.

I recommend that this book is a 4.5. By Jose, George and Seb.


In class we have read a book named Clockwork by Phillip Pullman. We enjoyed it right up until the end and found it very interesting. We did pieces of work on it and even wrote our own ending to the story; as well as a new character named Annabelle! It is an exiting story and has lots to find out as you read on.

Karl is a very grumpy man, for he was meant to make a clockwork figure for the clock tower but once he heard Fritz's optimistic story, everything became twisted. Everything Fritz read came to life, along with the feared Dr Kalmenius and the deadly Sir Ironsoul! The word 'DEVIL' will trigger Sir Ironsoul to kill you and the soothing song of the Flowers of Lapland is the only thing that will stop him. 

Join this adventure and pick up the book: we enjoyed it and we're sure you will too! 

By Lily.M and Maisie.A

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